Traditional Pizza

They can say what they want, the best pizza is baked in a wood-fired oven.
The flame rises to caress the dough, the ingredients slowly melt in the natural heat of the charcoal, the edge becomes crispy, and the pizza is ready… I can already smell the fragrance in the air.

You can choose the pizza that suits you best from the following:

Classic Method mother dough
Based on ancient cereals (Khorasan, spelt, oat) with the addition of olive extracts, red grape, and flaxseed flour rich in omega 3

Wholemeal method with addition of vegetable charcoal
Based on stone-ground (Petra 9) wholemeal flour and addition of vegetable charcoal to make it easier to digest, without altering the taste

Risen method
For lovers of high pizza we have created a soft and smooth dough

Gluten Free Method

Bussola € 11.00
tom, mozz, ham, seafood

Asparagi € 8.50
tom, mozz, asparagus

Quattro stagioni € 8.50
tom, mozz, ham, baby artichokes, mushrooms

Capricciosa € 8.50
tom, mozz, ham, baby artichokes, mushrooms

Patatine € 8.00
tom, mozz, French fries

Funghi € 8.00
tom, mozz, mushrooms

Prosciutto € 8.00
tom, mozz, ham

Carciofi € 8.00
tom, mozz, artichokes

Salame dolce o piccante € 8.50
tom, mozz, salami

Crudo € 9.50
tom, mozz, dry-cured ham

Speck € 9.50
tom, mozz, speck

Gorgonzola € 8.50
tom, mozz, gorgonzola

Frutti di mare € 10.00
tom, seafood, oregano

Quattro formaggi € 9.00
tom, mozz, taleggio, gorgonzola, emmenthal

Sfiziosa € 10.00
tom, mozz, speck, brie

Napoletana € 8.00
tom, mozz, anchovies, oregano

Romana € 8.00
tom, mozz, anchovies, capers, oregano

Margherita € 6.00
tom, mozz

Pugliese € 8.00
tom, mozz, onions

Funghi porcini € 9.50
tom, mozz, porcini mushrooms

Würstel € 8.00
tom, mozz, frankfurters

Tonno € 8.50
tom, mozz, tuna

Prosciutto e funghi € 8.50
tom, mozz, ham, mushrooms

Siciliana € 7.00
tom, anchovies, olives, capers, oregano

Calamari € 11.00
tom, mozz, fried squid

Marinara € 5.50
tom, garlic, oregano

Verdure € 9.50
tom, mozz, mixed vegetables

Caprese € 10.00
fresh tom, buffalo mozz, oregano, basil

Calzone € 8.50
tom, mozz, ham

Calzone farcito € 9.50
tom, mozz, ham, mushrooms, artichokes

Calzone Raff € 9.50
mozz, ricotta, spicy salami

Sorpresa € 10.00
tom, mozz, ham, mushrooms, artichokes, egg, spicy salami

Libidinosa € 10.50
tom, mozz, grana, porcini mushrooms, dry-cured ham

Tirolese € 9.50
tom, mozz, speck, frankfurters

Occhio di bue € 8.00
tom, mozz, egg

Peperoni € 8.50
tom, mozz, peppers

Melanzane € 8.50
tom, mozz, aubergines

Calabrese € 9.50
mozz, friarielli, sausage

Valdostana € 8.50
tom, mozz, ham, egg, grana

Zucchine € 8.50
tom, mozz, courgettes

Burrata € 11.00
tom, Ciliegino tomatoes added after baking, lettuce, burrata, dry-cured ham

Bufalina € 9.50
tom, buffalo mozz., basil, oregano

Mari e Monti € 12.00
tom, mozz, porcini mushrooms, smoked salmon

Primavera € 10.00
tom, smoked provola, lettuce, dry-cured ham

Poseidon € 11.00
mozz, buffalo mozz. bites added after baking, fresh cherry tomatoes, dry-cured ham

Gorgo e Mele € 9.50
mozzarella, gorgonzola, apples

Radicchio € 8.50
tomato, mozzarella, radicchio

Valtellina € 10.00
mozz, Bresaola, rocket, grana flakes

Tartufotta € 13.00
mozzarella, grilled courgettes, truffle

Affumicata € 12.00
mozzarella, smoked salmon, smoked provola, prawns, rocket

Focaccia € 3.50
oil and oregano


La Scrocchia € 22,00
Half a meter of modular pizza with two flavors to choose from among the Classic pizzas
Light and crunchy dough leavened for 72 hours
Served on a 50x25 cm chopping board (suitable for 2/3 people)


La Pinsa Romana
Compose your pinsa by choosing the flavor from the list of classic pizzas on our menu
Crumbly and crunchy pizza on the edges, soft inside

Supplement € 2 per piece of the classic pizza chosen

PINSA SPECIALE: Caciocavallo d'Agerola, yellow datterini tomatoes, red cherry tomatoes and basil € 9.00